Research and Project Grants

2019 Grant Programs

Applications are now being accepted for the following grant program(s):

AzAHEC Research and Project Small Grant Program

  • RESPONSE DUE DATE EXTENDED: January 30, 2019 
  • Funding Period: up to one year (earliest funding start: March 1, 2019)
  • Available Grants: Up to ten (10) projects will be funded in amounts up to $5,000.
  • Eligibility: University of Arizona graduate health sciences/health professions students, interns, residents and faculty, as well as AzAHEC regional centers may apply.  Projects should demonstrate interprofessional education or practice models, and address community needs specific to one or more AzAHEC regional centers.


Recently-Awarded Research and Project Grants

Since FY 2007, Arizona AHEC has supported innovative, interprofessional education and research through a competitive intramural grant program. Recently-awarded research and project grants include the following:

Many of these grants provide graduate health sciences students, medical interns, and residents with an opportunity to gain experience in rural and urban medically-underserved Arizona communities through research and/or scholarly projects. This fosters Arizona health sciences trainees' interest in rural and urban medically-underserved practice and other areas of unmet needs. Through interprofessional modalities and community engagement, grant programs also address community needs specific to Arizona’s populations.