8th Annual Interprofessional Rural Health Professions Conference

Friday, April 3, 2020 - 8:00am

Final Agenda (4-2-20)

Our annual event was held Friday, April 3, 2020 and Saturday, April 4, 2020 by remote attendance. Health profession students, trainees, residents, faculty, alumni, and community members attended this event.

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Supplemental Material


  • Opening Remarks/Introduction - Dr. Dan Derksen : PPT | Video
  • Morning Keynote: What’s Your Practice? Self Care for Health Professionals - Dr. Victoria Maizes : PPT | Video | Bonus Questions & Answers
  • Presentation: COVID-19  Anxiety: How Can Motivational Interviewing (MI) Help - Ms. Mary Dillon : PPT | Video
  • Presentation: Try-It-On: Developing Self-Care for Stress Management through Hands-On Techniques - Dr. Renee Gregg : PPT | Video | Self-care handout
  • Panel Discussion: Integrating Cultural Humility into Clinical, Research, & Prevention Practice with Indigenous People - Dr. Timian Godfrey, Ms. Rene Begay, Dr. Shannon Saltclah, and Dr. Joshua Allison-Burbank : PPT | Video
  • First day wrap-up - Dr. Dan Derksen : video


  • Opening Remarks/Introduction - Dr. Dan Derksen : PPT | Video
  • Morning Keynote: Dr. Richard Carmona - A Life Of IPE, Cultural Competence and Health Literacy : Video | Bonus Questions & Answers
  • 2018-2020 Cohort AHEC Scholars Presentations (ASP) – Includes all members of the ASP cohort.
    Facilitator: Dr. Diane Nuñez : Video
        CAAHEC : PPT - Jodi Bray, Vincent Ekstrom, Brooke Finley, Joanna Martori, Megan Nichols, Gabriel Rallison, Alexus Stephens, & Rena Verdugo
        NAHEC : PPT - Krysta Crawford, Aileen Dauz, Ajla Mujezinovic, Britt Myslinski, Sena Stark, Sidney Thigpen, Debra Witthar
        SEAHEC : PPT - Aeryana Beaudrie-Nunn, Micaela de la Rosa, Jonathan Holloway, Victor Ruiz
        EAHEC : PPT - Emma Conners, Elizabeth Hardesty, Karen Martinot, Julia Nguyen, Emily Spano, Willibroad Aminazong, Wilhelmina Sagoe
        WAHEC : PPT - Bryan Espinoza, David Lee, Amanda Stanford, Ana Marie Rivera, Atefeh Sharif, Gurpreet Kaur, Jacey May Sims, Jasim El-Ali, Oscar Maciel
  • Presentation: Food Insecurity: An Important Step Forward for Vulnerable Populations - Ms. Megan Nichols : PPT | Video
  • Presentation: Best Practices for Home Telehealth - Dr. Kim Shea: PPT | Video
  • Poster Awards and wrap-up: Video