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Community Outreach

AzAHEC's regional centers coordinate and support health education activities and events for their local communities.

Health Professionals for All of Arizona

Building and supporting a culturally wise health professions workforce.

Developing a Healthcare Workforce for Tomorrow

Our programs support development of our children, our health professions students and our health professions workforce.

Improving Access to Health Care in Arizona

AzAHEC is committed to the recruitment, training, and retention of a health professions
workforce helping rural and underserved populations.

Arizona AHEC focuses on developing integrated, sustainable statewide health professions workforce education programs with emphasis on primary care and increasing access in Arizona's rural and underserved communities by improving the supply, quality, diversity and distribution of the health professions workforce. This focus is accomplished in collaboration with the five statewide Arizona AHEC regional centers, the University of Arizona (UA) College of Medicine - Tucson, the UA College of Medicine - Phoenix, the UA College of Nursing, the UA College of Pharmacy, the UA Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health, and other statewide organizations.